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The Reggae Network is a new online community dedicated to the needs of the Reggae and World Music industry and fan base, providing:

  • Notice of upcoming live music performances, festivals and related events;
  • A Directory dedicated to music industry professionals, musicians and bands, for the purpose of networking and establishing a high visibility Internet presence;
  • A music industry-related Classifieds Marketplace, that provides for the private sale and purchase of music equipment, other legal goods and services, as well an additional place to list a business or everyday social wants and needs;
  • A Press Release Submission service that allows for the community member to easily and quickly create or paste in press release details of an upcoming performance, tour, song or album release, and any other relevant information and announcement to the general public and personal fan base. Once received and evaluated for quality control, the information is then published on this high-ranking, high-traffic site, as well as within our network of affiliate sites, enabling it also to be picked up by other relevant niche websites;
  • Building a Social Profile is easy on The Reggae Network and allows for the member to, in effect, have a proxy website, with many useful bells and whistles to increase their band or independent Internet presence, in a classy, vibrant way!



We are very much still in development and this site will improve steadily, offering more and more amenities to our subscribers; making the site more inviting and user-friendly.

Are you someone who often goes to club shows and festivals? If you would like to write about your experience and a band’s performance, we’d love to hear from you and read your concert or record reviews, and possibly publish them – officially – here on our site. All may post on their Social Profile for the world and other subscribers to see.

Are you a festival promoter who would like to see coverage of your event?

Feel free to contact us for consideration.

Are you a band or musician?

Please send us your Press Kit and any new music releases you may have; we exist to help make The Reggae Network strong and to support you!



Releasing a new song or album? Have an online store, brand or product offering? Are you a promoter or booking agency with an upcoming tour or festival? Band or musician for hire?

We’re an international destination site with a world-wide reach and strong local presence – It would serve you well to ADVERTISE WITH US, as you will receive our world-class Internet Marketing & SEO services, high-visibility and additional exposure in our affiliate sites, in addition to this one, at a very low industry competitive price.

Your ad dollars will be well spent and backed up with Analytics and Spreadsheets; not just lip service. Everyone who signs up on this site also becomes your subscriber and receives notice of your events, news and advertisement.



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