Event – Festival – Concert – Artist or Album Promotion

Powered by Sevilla Local Media – a world-class and highly recognized Digital Marketing – Advertising and SEO company, THE REGGAE NETWORK is a smart choice to enlist for:

  • Band Promotion
  • Label Promotion
  • Reggae Club Night Promotion
  • Festival Promotion
  • New Release Promotion
  • Album/EP Promotion
  • Tour Promotion
  • Product Promotion
  • Branding

From professionally drafted and widely distributed press releases to the create of full promotional packages for artists, bands, products and events, THE REGGAE NETWORK taps into its vast network of partners and resources to create a buzz and a demand to satisfy their clients marketing needs.

Effective Social Media plays a big role in online advertising these days and THE REGGAE NETWORK is locally strong and world-wide, experienced and ready to plug you in.

All packages are custom tailored and all prices are custom to fit your needs. Work performed on your behalf is verifiable as we report to you, literally, with completed spreadsheets and detailed reports specific to what we have done, are doing and the activity it is generating.

You will have personal contact with an account manager that will keep you abreast at all times; working closely with you and listening to your feedback and input.

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