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New Reggae & World Music Website: www.LiveReggae.net

Sevilla Local Media is proud to announce the publishing of their new REGGAE & WORLD MUSIC genre – fan and industry oriented website! Serving the Reggae & World Music communities.

The site: www.LiveReggae.net, is a sleek, colorful and one of a kind SEO optimized ultra-dynamic website that provides bands, musicians, fans, promoters, and club owners – a high-powered resource to promote events, concerts, gigs, festivals, sell merchandise and a way to connect with their fan base socially, in a versatile and professional way.

Musicians can build a professional social profile, sell or buy instruments, post their videos or images, and list themselves for hire or for contact in a multi-functional Industry Directory.

Fans of Reggae & World Music can receive the latest news on tours, festivals and club gigs from their favorite artists, and even become contributors by blogging about concerts attended or recent song releases; all things relevant to the site.

All register as Community Members whereby all features are available – for free, with Premium Features to come!

A club owner who promotes a “Reggae Night” or related event, can not only post their upcoming show, but can also purchase vibrant, dynamic ads and full service club, tour, festival or event promotion packages powered by World-Renowned Digital Marketing and SEO Professionals – Sevilla Local Media, who will generate and sustain high online visibility for a competitive price, complete with full analytics, spreadsheets, publicity and comprehensive social sharing, in addition to the ad space or show promotion package purchased.

A Brief Reggae & World Music History

Sevilla Local Media, founder & President, Tommy Sevilla, is a 35 year veteran of the music industry and was a Reggae Music Industry prodigy and pioneer at age 14. Tommy began booking and managing local, national and international music acts, as well as becoming a contributing writer to local music magazines, stage managing, tour managing, and promoting local concerts and national tours for and with such luminaries or unique talents as: Two-Time JUNO Award-Winning Canadian Dub Poet – Lillian Allen, Mutabaruka & The Sounds of Resistance Band, Eek-a-Mouse, Leroy Sibbles, Pato Banton, Tippa Irie, Rankin’ Scroo, Bass Culture, Joe Higgs, Norman Grant & Twinkle Brothers, Boom Shaka, Untouchables, Killer Bees, Blues/Jazz Legend – Phil Upchurch and others.

Many shows of which he partnered up with or assisted friend, Roberto Angotti, of KNAC & KROQ “Reggae Revolution” fame.

Tommy’s original business partner in the music industry, along with Sean McGary was James “Ital Jim” Roppo, Executive Vice-President of Universal Music Group – Republic Records – Island Def Jam and of Justin Bieber – “failure to tweet” fame.

Tommy was also a contemporary of long-time friend, Kevin Lyman, founder of the Vans Warped Tour. Contributing to the original Claremont California – Claremont Colleges and Pomona Valley Music Scene.


Tommy, recalling the good times of the 1980’s Reggae Scene and his passion for Reggae Music:

“I have fond memories of my youth as a fan of Reggae Music and being a part of Los Angeles Reggae Music history, especially.

I was there at Bunny Wailer’s first state-side appearance in Long Beach, back in the 80’s.

I remember vividly, the historic Fela Anikulapo Kuti concert at the Olympic Auditorium where, me and champion bubbler, Clinton Dove, watching Fela, with his massive horn section, 2 drummers, and huge harmony vocals secition (all of his many wives), skanked alongside young members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, also there as young fans.

Alpha Blondy’s first show in L.A. was also monumental and historic.

The late Milt Wilson, truly produced the best shows at that time; the Music Machine was legendary, even a place where I, all but 17 or so and not even allowed in, stepped on Mutabaruka’s barefoot and evoked a “Raaas Claaat” like I never heard before. I would later promote a few shows and spoken word readings with him and his incredible band, at the Palace, Coach House and System M Art Gallery in Long Beach.

Perhaps the greatest musical experience I ever had though was a show that me, Ital Jim and Sean produced with the unique Strictly Roots of Northern California at Claremont Mc Kenna College (Jim and Sean were students there and Jim hosted the “Dread Riddims” Reggae Show on 88.7 KSPC) where, it was like Reggae meets the Allman Brothers and every song was a 12 minute, psychedelic lead guitar solo. It was pitch dark, the Sensimilla was bomb, and the girls nice!

I will never forget interviewing Rita Marley and her kids, along with mother Cedella, at the Bob Marley Day Festival, and later in years, smoking a huge spliff with Aston “Family Man Barrett” and the rest of the Wailers, at the Country Club in Reseda.

Licking a 5′ tall, saxophone like chalice, packed with ice and Lambsbread Collie from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, with Ras Michael, the late Derrick “Debo” Brown, Clive Ross, Zacky and others, was unforgettable, as I was promoting the great Leroy Sibbles that night, backed by Jamaica Inc, at the iconic and legendary Kingston 12 in Santa Monica. This was before the show started and factor in the Guinness; I was in full mediation mode.

Especially cool was being backstage at the Greek for the 2 night Steel Pulse and Jimmy Cliff shows, when I see Earl “Flabba” Holt (Roots Radics) standing outside, unable to get in, as his name was left of the guest list by mistake. I was able to convince security to allow him in and ironically enough, had an almost identical experience with Judy Mowatt and her entire entourage at the Universal Amphitheatre for UB40 where, Me and Clinton Dove, literally watched the show from in and out of the aisle, giving up our seats for Judy and her posse, repeatedly being warned and pushed back into the seats the entire night.

Linton Kwesi Johnson at the Conga Room, was also a one of a kind experience. Dennis Bovell and his Dub Band, along with Sly & Robbie’s Taxi, Sounds of Resistance, Mad Professor Posse – bar none – greatest bands of the area and of all-time, skill-wise and precision.

Members of UB40 (immediately after their show at the Greek), among others like Joe Higgs and Garth Dennis (Black Uhuru and Wailing Souls), would be guests of ours backstage at the Whiskey for our sold-out shows with Eek-a-Mouse, Rankin’ Scroo & Ginger and Ridim Section (another phenomenal band!).

Me, Sean and Jim promoted the “King and I” Tour for Mouse in 1987.

One time me and Clinton Dive hosted H.R. from Bad Brains at our apartment on Holt Blvd. in Pomona, California, for several weeks. A truly different cat, I still don’t know how or why he was with us (laughing), but he was with us all that time – on our dime – and barely spoke a word!

I was momentarily revered by my Chino High School punk rock friends dueing that time, like my buddy Pat Ellis and straight edge pioneers, Justice League.

Driving home an angry (not at me but Clinton) Mikey Dread, was also memorable (laughing), and scrapping with Prince Ital Joe, backstage at the Coach House; being followed on the 5 North, with a 357 pointed at us, is not something me and my bredren Clinton particularly enjoyed in our Reggae history (laughing).

On that note, there was also the time when Ginger, Rankin’ Scroo’s beautiful and talented wife, literally saved my life on tour with Eek-a-Mouse, in Santa Barbara.

How can I ever forget spending time at Roger Steffens’ house for interview with the great Dub Poetess, Lillian Allen, marveling at Roger’s immense Reggae Music Archives.

Me and Tony Montgomery (keyboardist) of Bass Culture, are still recovering from our sensi session with Eek-a-Mouse at the motel I put him up at in Pomona. A few warm Guinness and some Humboldt County one-of-a-kind, had us in a nice place, with air conditioning inside and 100 + degree heat outside. We were literally blinded by the light upon exit.

To this day, Mouse still owes me $100 and my cordless Cobra handheld phone! (laughing)

I’d be remiss without saying that, I owe all these fond memories to my uncle Donny, who introduced me to Reggae Music, at about age 12, and longtime friend Tony Montgomery of Bass Culture, who took me to my first Reggae show in Santa Monica, where the Meditations, headlined.

Getting into the business and doing some pretty cool things at a young age and until I was about 20 years old, was due to the mentoring and guidance of Rita “Miss Wire Waist” Harrison (Smoothie Jones’ Auntie) of KPFK – “Sounds of Jamaica” fame; a place where Tony, Fred, Donny, Dan and Pablo of Bass Culture, played live, and where we happened to meet the young, rambunctious youngster – a few years older than me – Trevy Felix of Boom Shaka, who we always admired and knew would mash it up.

Miss that guy.

Wire Waist, Stamma Haughton, Joe Higgs, Leroy Sibbles and Stranger Cole, were some of my absolute favorite people in an out of the industry. Just a youth, they mentored and guided, as opposed to exploited.

Being a booking agent or band manager was rough in those days; no cell phones, the Apple Mac had just come out, no faxing just yet. Advertising in the L.A.Times Calendar or L.A. Weekly was for the most part, out of reach. A lot of flyers and posters, free calendar listings, word of mouth and college radio.

I remember walking to the pay phone on 3rd Street in La Verne to call Jamaica, Birmingham England, New York, Toronto Canada, and other parts of the world, to do my business, with a pocket full of dimes, after running up thousand dollar phone bills at my Grandma’s house!

With this site, you can list your show and it will automatically be blasted out to our opt-in digital mailing list, social media sites and on the site for all to see – all for free. If you purchase promotion, you will be quoted a reasonable price based on a case-by-case basis (date of event, needs and wants).

www.LiveReggae.net – Reggae Strong, built as a subdomain of www.SevillaLocalMedia.com, is already ranked in the Top 1% of all websites globally, and immediately outranks most all of the established Reggae & World Music sites. Your content rockets to the top with instant visibility and improves as Search Engine Algorithms change.

I can go on and on but know that my memories are fond and great and it’s nice – so many years later – with some formal and much real life education, refined expertise, professional experiences and wisdom, to develop this site which I hope all will take full advantage of.

I only wish I had something like this when I was in the business.”

Most recently, Tommy has returned to the music scene with Sevilla Local Media’s association with Reggae Dance Hall Artist, Cham, thanks to introduction by June O’Neill, and for the purpose of promoting Cham’s latest release, “Money Wine” and his official website.

Tommy continues to support and contribute to the careers of Lillian Allen, Rankin’ Scroo and Smoothie Jones’ – 213 LA. Rootz Band.

The marriage between Tommy’s Digital Marketing & SEO company and his passion for Reggae Music, is a raging fire that benefits and equips all who share the love of the music in the new website: www.LiveReggae.net – Reggae Strong!

Leading back into the music business – Tommy, after a secular career in sales and management, recently returned to the world of event promotion as founder of Sevilla Local Media, when he created the cigar-industry website: www.GreatCigarEvents.com , a website created to bring attention to looming FDA Regulations of the Premium Cigar Industry and to promote the Rocky Patel Cigar Yacht Cruise, which also draws attention to Rocky’s charity – The Rocky Patel Foundation.

The last Rocky Patel Cigar Yacht Cruise featured acclaimed indie artist – Marisa Ronstadt. The multi-talented cousin of the legendary, Linda Ronstadt.

Lord willing, Tommy says that Sevilla Local Media will soon launch a similar site that will invite all types of music to join that general music community, among many more, including a site that embodies Tommy’s true passion: Christian Biblical Apologetics.

Having coined the phrase in the early 90’s, Tommy has written “Apologetic Poetry”, a take on his experiences and high passion for Dub Poetry; a rant and rave about abominable theologies, heresy, and in defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Orthodoxed Christianity.

About Our Search Engine Optimization – Digital Marketing & Advertising

Sevilla Local Media, has recently developed and donated an e-commerce website for non-profit – Jurupa Valley Boxing Club, where Tommy and his 16-year old daughter, Sophia, train. That site is set to launch soon, and is meant to raise money for the gym and it’s athletes.

Sevilla Local Media, has a network of sites of their own and has donated, consulted on or developed new sites for hundreds of local, national and international clients, ranging from: local government, local chambers of commerce, tree service companies, auto repair, restaurants, attorneys, escape rooms, day care centers, and numerous other industries, but is particularly famous and sought out after for their Insurance, Real Estate, Cigar Industry and Law Firm/Attorney SEO.

Sevilla Local Media is unmatched in their customer service, customer satisfaction and performance, widely experienced in many different industries. Their SEO is world-class and unmatched.

It is not uncommon for a Sevilla Local Media SEO Client to rank #1 overall in their geographical area or industry, with literally, hundreds, to even thousands of first page organic and maps placements on the 6 major U.S. search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, MSN – never resorting to harmful black hat techniques and with all work being done in-house and within the United States.

Sevilla Local Media is a successful local, national and International Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing company, founded in 2008, and based in Riverside, California.

Sevilla Local Media operates on a unique “Customers for Life” business model whereby results are guaranteed.

Sevilla Local Media, accepts clients on a case-by-case evaluation basis only.

For information on how Sevilla Local Media can assess and possibly fulfill your online SEO & Digital Marketing needs, please visit their site (www.SevillaLocalMedia.com) or contact them at: (951) 289-1710.



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